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The Mint Models team have several years of experience in the industry and have helped many new models successfully achieve breaking into the modelling and talent industry.
Breaking into this industry isn’t easy, this is where we come in. We work in collaboration with casting agencies and agents to help you seek opportunities within the modelling and talent industry and to equip you with all the knowledge you need about the industry.

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There are high fashion models, and then there are commercial models.  

We specialize in commercial modelling which the majority of our models will fall into this category.

Most people who tell you they are models are “commercial” models. This is what makes up most of the industry.

High fashion models, model for high-end designers and fashion campaigns and tend to travel extensively and work internationally. Not only do they have to meet stringent measurements, but they must also photograph well and have a good runway walk.

Likewise, they take a lot of photos, so they must know their best angles and be able to pose and photograph comfortably.

The biggest difference is that High fashion models tend to be full time models and in most cases work exclusively with one or two agencies.

Commercial models make up the majority of all modelling, you need only to have the ability to look like a real person. In commercial modelling people of all heights, weights, sizes, ages, and races are hired. They can model for television, commercials, websites, magazines, newspapers, billboards and catalogue working with most of your high street brands.

Work can be obtained in various ways through an agency or self promotion including using all the social media tools to help you get noticed this is how we can and will help you to succeed.

Typical high street commercial brands