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A TV model will be seen in commercials for cosmetics, perfumes, lingerie, clothing brands, DIY, banks, furniture, dietary supplements basically anything.

Rates are typically in the range of £50 per hour to £1000 per day, and in some cases if you’re lucky you could be in a successful commercial that leads on to sequels and could even find yourself filming abroad.

Campaigns like this can net you a nice figure of £10,000+ this can be taken in a lump sum buyout or in residual payments every time the commercial in aired.

Catalogue / Magazines

There is a wide range of catalogue and Magazine work which is both paper based and online. A typical day will be to turn up to a studio or a location to have pictures taken for various products or brands usual over a day’s shooting.

You don’t need experience to do this it will be based more on your look fitting the brand but it will be beneficial to learn posses, but the photographer or director can guide you through the shoot.

Catalogue work will be varied from Small independent brands to big high street brands like Boohoo, JDsports, Prettylittlething, Asos etc. These brands will tend to pay more in the region of £350-£700 per shoot.

TV / Film

There are many opportunities to work in TV and Film and you don’t need to be a trained actor or join RADAR. TV work can be found through casting agents who know when TV companies are needing extras on sets such as Eastenders, Casualty, TV Dramas, Emmerdale, Music videos etc. The typical type of work would see mean you working in the background of TV or Film productions with maybe a small specking part.

Extra work doesn’t necessarily get you noticed by casting directors or agents, but it can be a valuable way of gaining experience on a film set. Film work can happen all over the country with major Hollywood or Netflex productions needing extras to take part in the filming. Being part of the filming can take days or even weeks and payments range on average from £50-£150 per day but can reach £250+ on a big production but the Kudos of seeing yourself on the big screen can be priceless.

Plus Size

This is a relatively new sector for modelling but is growing very fast as more brands take on plus size models to represent their products. Over resent years there has been an influx of brands selling plus size online such as Prettylittlething, Simplybe, Curvissa, Quiz. Sizes for plus size models vary in range from size 12+
Another sector which is taking the model world by storm is the curvy lingerie models or voluptuous boutique models so if you have the confidence this will be a good direction for you to take.


Fitness modeling or sports modelling is a highly competitive industry that takes hard work and dedication, eating clean, working out daily, and having an athletic build are all key fitness model requirements. Most fitness modeling agencies look for body types that are lean and fit, with defined muscle tone many fitness models also have a healthy glow, great skin, shiny hair, and a nice smile this will secure you jobs with the likes of Fitness magazines, Keep fit online videos, Fitness products such as whey protein drinks or fitness clothing. Keeping fit to most people is a way of life so potentially getting paid for it is a bonus.


Billboards, tube stations, Bus campaigns are all the places you could see yourself if you start working as a model. Agencies will get you an array of work and these could be part of the mix and you could be looking at being paid in the region of £300-£600 dependent on the campaign.

Brands have huge budgets and Shoots take place in a studio or on location and before you know it your face is on a billboard on the high street.

Swimwear / Lingerie

Just like swimwear modelling, lingerie modelling is for the ultra confident model who has bags of self confidence and the body to fit the attitude but in today’s world body shapes come in all sizes so varied looks are required as you will be the body and face of the brand. The most important thing is never to do anything you’re not comfortable with as this will show in your work.

The work you get could be magazine, video, online stores or shows and events the booker will let you know what they are looking for in sizes and if you fit the criteria and look you will be booked.


Promotional work Sometimes also called brand ambassadors or brand representatives. You will be hired to promote a product, service, business or company, From beaches, busy streets, trade shows, corporate events, VIP events, functions, shopping centres, music festivals and sporting events, They are usually geared up in the brands apparel to increase the brands recognition so they look like the staff of the brand they are promoting.

Generally not as well paid as pure modelling work but can be a good way to supplement your earnings and build on your modelling CV.